The Blue Rings Deck only $9.99 + shipping!


A newly designed deck for the classic card game Skat.


This is the retail version of the deck. The cards are the same as the Kickstarter version, but the Box does not carry the "Kickstarter Edition" logo on the back.

Shipping costs:

- $4.50 for a single deck
- $1.25 for each additional deck

- $4.50 for a single deck
- $1.25 for each additional deck

Rest of the world (orders will ship from Germany):
- $16 for a single deck -- sorry, shipping internationally from Germany got way more expensive; and it always was very expensive from the US.
- $2 for each additional deck

Want to save another $1? I actually don't have any Nexus in any state other than WI, and I sell so few items that I do not need to remit any sales taxes for other states. If you like to save on the $1 state tax that big-cartel collects; feel free to contact me via email: danielqzinn at gmail dot com. You can also pay via venmo/paypal/strike/lightning and we could save another $1 for the payment processing.

For US orders: I get very few orders, so I am generally able to package the decks the same day I get the order and have it be picked up by the mail-man the next day. Orders are generally sent by first-class USPS with tracking, taking on average 2-3 days to arrive.